Leather Dry Cleaning

We recommend dry cleaning your leather minimally and only when absolutely necessary.

Many customers come to clean their suede and leather yearly. Thinking the more you clean it the better it is for the leather. Nothing is farther from the truth. The more you clean leather the more potential damage occurs during the cleaning process. Drying out the leather and also affecting the linings, zippers etc.

We recommend only cleaning suede and nubuck leather. Which can't be cleaned in any other way.

Regular leather that has a smooth surface can be cleaned by hand, using a mild leather cleaner and done manually. You can purchase the soap from us if you want to do it yourself.

In some cases where there is a body odor transfer issue, there is no other way to clean it except by the dry cleaning process.

To be honest, it isn't really dry cleaned but rather wet cleaned. This is done by cleaning your leather item in a huge washing machine, where soap and moisturizers are added. The garments are then hung to dry and then tumbled to soften them. Followed by pressing, which helps to smooth everything out.

We use green cleaners that are environmentally friendly and will clean your leather item without damaging our planet.

Go to our ask the expert page to request a quote for your leather cleaning.



Cory Bernatt is our resident leather expert! He's been running the shop since 1982. He will help give you answers to your leather related questions. From "why is my leather fading?" to "Can you reline my favorite leather jacket". You can also upload your pictures which help us to understand the nature of your repair project.

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