Why is your black leather jacket turning grey? Good question! I have the same question about my hair? Lol

All joking aside it happens for the same reason. Your leather is aging and loosing its moisture. The natural oils that were in the leather are drying out from day one.

All the colour that is in your item was added artificially and starts to fade as it dries out.

That's where we come in to add essential oils through the pours ( hair follicles ).

We start by adding a liquid oil that seeps deep into the leathers base layers. We usually do this for a week for newer items to 3-4 weeks for older pieces.

Secondly we add a thick leather oil paste for an additional week.

Finally we add a neutral paste, which basically seals in the oils and comes to a sheen.

Reconditioning also adds life to your leather. while keeping it look great.

You can also purchase a kit of all the products we use and do it yourself from the comfort of your home. Click here to purchase the oils.



Cory Bernatt is our resident leather expert! He's been running the shop since 1982. He will help give you answers to your leather related questions. From "why is my leather fading?" to "Can you reline my favorite leather jacket". You can also upload your pictures which help us to understand the nature of your repair project.

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