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Relining leather is one of our specialties. jackets, skirts, vests and even purse linings can be replaced. Quilted lining is available for winter coats and Thinsulate is a premium material that allows for that extra warmth on very cold days.

Alterations can be performed on a number of leather items. Take-in or Let-out that favorite jacket that doesn't fit you anymore. Alter that purse that has the wrong closure. You can remove that fur collar that is totally out of date and take in those seams that are fitting you all wrong. A little nip and tuck can make all the difference in helping you fit into your garment the way they were meant to.

Shorten the sleeves that you keep folding up, hem the leather pants that are dragging on the ground or shorten that shirt that is just the wrong length. We do work for Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew, Sporting Life, and many other high end stores around Toronto to help assist them in altering their customers newly purchased garments.

We can make customized leather items such as leather belt, purses, briefcases etc. Belts are made from Italian belting leather and is available in black, medium & dark brown, natural tan and hunter green.


Do you have a broken buckle on your purse or a zipper that just won't zip? Well we can replace your buckles and zippers and get your bags and jackets back in order and ready to work again. Please note that many handbags are not going to be worth fixing as their replacement value just doesn't justify it.

Have you noticed that your beautiful black jacket has turned gray on you. Help is here! We do more reconditioning then anything else we do as it is the most common problem. We replace the leathers natural oils and the colour magically reappears. Let us test an area to prove our point. We also treat , purses & furniture and anything else that's leather that is dried out.

You may have an antique piece that you have passed down through the generations and it is disintegrating before your eyes. We can replace old leather with new material and restore it back to its original condition honouring the style and design. We are members of designer walk and work with interior designers to help restore their clients vintage furniture.

If your sofa has seen better days, kids jumping and over use we can reupholster the leather cushions or totally recover the entire frame with new leather.

New springs, new foam. This can get costly but if you have a good piece that justifies the expense if can be well worth it.


We can dry clean all your suede and nubuck leather garments as well as hand bags. We use a green cleaner that is environmentally friendly and will clean your leather item without damaging our planet.

Handmade sandals are a specialty. We have made sandals for some of the top shows in Toronto including Miss Saigon, Mama Mia.


Ask the leather expert

Ask our resident leather expert Cory a leather repair question. He is also know as "The Guy" and has been doing leather repair since he was six, so when you ask him a question, you can trust the advise he gives.

If you happen to tear your sleeve walking out of the car we can reinforce the damaged area with a leather backing piece that will strengthen the tear so it will not increase in size. Alternately we can replace a section of material so the tear is gone forever. Matching the skin is sometimes difficult but we have been known to perform miracles.




"Sometimes things are just not worth fixing. On the other hand, often people will go to great lengths to bring a treasured item back to life"

Although we are known for fixing your favorite leather items in many cases you will find it difficult to spend the money necessary to bring your leather back to the state you would like.

The combination of expensive materials and our labour fee sometimes make it hard for you to repair your leather items.

We want you to understand this Because sometime we may offer you alternatives that will basically be "damage control " in order to achieve a workable solution that is economically sound and will get the job done.

In some cases this is all that is justifiable and our staff may advise you that it is better if you are to replace the item rather than have us perform the repair operation.

Conversely we are commonly asked if an item is "worth repairing". My answer to this question is: That it is not my position to justify the expense and that you the customer will have to crunch the numbers in order to make an informed decision. I suggest that you look to see what a comparable item would cost in today's marketplace so you will have a replacement value to work with.

I can also tell you that half of the repairs and restorations I do, if I were the one to make the decision for you would be, not to fix an item.

That's the funny thing about what we do, people become very attached with their leather. They have purchased an item in a far off land or their spouse gave it to them as a present when they were first dating etc.

The stories go on and on and I have heard many of them.

The bottom line is that we are here to help you restore your precious belongings that you just can't part with. Or just get your leather back on the road for one more year.

Value vs. sentiment, who will win this battle, this can be a very difficult decision. I have seen many a couple standing before me, struggle with this very question.

I always suggest that the customer should never be hasty when deciding if an item is worth fixing, but rather take some time to determine if they can justify the repair.

Either way we will continue to do the best leather repairs this city has to offer.


Cory Bernatt

The Guy

Hourly rate: $60

Deposits are required on all items.

50% is required on repairs over $25.

100% is required on all repairs under $25

If you leave a deposit and work hasn't been started you will be issued a credit note. No refunds will be issued.

House calls: Hourly rate varies on work being performed. check in-store for details.

Deposits for in-home reconditioning's:

50% on commitment

50% on same day we are coming to home.

All credit cards must be signed before work commences as once we leave your home our work is completed.

We accept Visa, Master Card, American express and Interac





The Sandalman has been named Toronto's best Leather repair for the 7th consecutive year by the readers of Now Magazine!!

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